Checking the Credibility of Coaching Centres

Most of the tuition centres give certain ‘guarantees’ to each parent. However, it is the responsibility of parents to check the credibility of these guarantees. So let’s figure out a few promises which teaching institutes make:

1. Offering crash courses

If a coaching institute says that it offers crash course, you need to dig details into the promise. You need to track whether it will help in syllabus completion and in how much time. You also need to figure out whether it is ok for a weak student as well or not.

2. Giving individual attention

If a coaching institute says that they give individual attention, you need to find out what is the class strength there, whether they have hired teachers specially for a high number of students or if they have made some special arrangements for weaker students. You need to ask them that how will you give individual attention if the class has 70 students in total.

3. Making students part of an encouraging learning environment

If someone promises that they are encouraging learning environment, you need to make sure that on what grounds is the coaching institute promising it. You need to find out if they have enough physical space and support to bring in learning environment or else they simply consider a quiet class as conducive.

4. Promising differentiated classrooms

Although its a novel idea, but you need to figure out if they offer different teaching material on every topic. You also need to find out if the coaching institute has changed the material to encompass the needs of the students.

5. Promising formative assessment

If a coaching institute questions you on formative assessment, you need to ask them a few questions. You should ask them that how they design this formative assessment. You should also ask them about the meaning of formative assessment.

Is Online Tutoring Beneficial?

Are you living in a suburb area? Or are struggling with any subject or else you are unable to find a good face to face tutor? Online tutoring is now available to solve all your academic concern and give you a jewelling career ahead. Ahhh! The concept may be new and strange for you, but believe me, you will never regret after taking online tuitions. All you need to have is a computer and an internet connection to come online with it, that’s it. Doesn’t it sound interesting and easy, where you don’t have to move on miles for attending coaching classes or have to study with a tutor forcefully, rather you are free to choose tutor of your interest. Likewise, additionally there are many more benefits of online tutoring, below mentioned are the following –

  • Tutors of every subject are easily available on the web today. You can go through their profile which mentions their experience, area of interests and also students review about them so that nothing go wrong . All this will help you in choosing a reliable tutor of your choice.
  • Apart from study you may also have some of other engagements like sports, extracurricular activities which are suspected to come on the way of your study by hindering your tuition time, but now with online tutoring you don’t have to worry about this as online tutors are present in different slots and you can choose whatever time slot suits you.
  • Expert academicians are trained to be more money minded now a day as they demand high for their service to the student, but on online tuitions, tutors of different fees structure are available who charge on the basis of hours they teach. Thus you can choose the one who comes under your budget and get tuitions from them only up to the time you need.

Moreover, online tuitions have also expanded your horizon of learning as whole globe is there to teach you. 

The Difference a Tutor Makes

When you are seeking the best kind of education for your child, you may not know what you should exactly look for but you will definitely have in mind that the teacher that teaches the child must be the best in his or her subject. This is something that all parents have in mind when they search for a tutor for their children. In your pursuit for the best, here are some pointers to identify a good tutor for your child.

Learned and wise: Though someone who is in the profession of teaching is bound to be learned, it is also important for the teachers to be wise, which means that with the changing trends of education, the teachers should be able to change their ideas.

Adaptability and versatility: The overhaul that the educational system in India is going through, it has become increasingly important for the teachers to be able to adapt according to the modern needs of the students and the teaching systems. At most times the olden ways of working, no longer suffice.

Keep the students interested: the minds of young pupils are impressionable and easily diverted. A good teacher should possess the ability to be able to hold the concentration of the children and keep them interested in the subject.

Firm and loving: though it is important for a teacher to be firm in his or her style of teaching, they should also make sure that they do not terrorise the children, teaching the children with love works much better in comparison to teaching them with fear.

Expert and quick learner: While the onus of learning lies on the students, it is also important for a teacher to be a quick learner; this is important so that the teacher may learn the habits and ways of the children to target a better learning process.

The bond of a tutor and students should be like a parent and child relationship for effectiveness.

When You Have a Choice, Choose Only the Best Tutors

When you are in school or college, you have no control over who teaches you what. At times you may be lucky enough to get the best teachers to teach you, while at other times you may have to suffer for years before anything changes. However, when you seek to get tutoring from sources outside the school or college, you have a choice to pick the best teacher for yourself. There are a number of ways to identify a good teacher and work towards a brighter future for yourself.

Seek References: if you know your seniors at school or college, who have been taking the services of tutors, make sure to ask them. They might be able to give you an insight on how good or bad a tutor is.

Check the records: It is always easy to find out how the tutors have fared with their previous students. Make sure to try and get your hands on the results of the tutor and see if the previous students were able to get good grades while studying from the particular tutor.

Start early: If you keep waiting for one evening before your test, to find a tutor, you may have to adjust with whoever you are able to find. However, if you start searching sooner, you may even have enough time for a trial and error method to finally settle with a good tutor.

Check the web: The internet is home for a whole lot of things. Finding tutors on the internet may be just as easy as the click of a mouse, so turn on the power button and start looking for the perfect tutor.

Approach a trusted source: Taking personal tutoring from someone who already teaches you at school or college may also help in the process of study. It may be a possibility that the personalized approach may add value.

Choose the right resource and grow limitlessly!

Online Tutorial Versus Direct Tutorial

In the pursuit of doing better and achieving the best, every parent and their child are chasing for the paramount source of education right from the initial schooling days. Scooping for more options of education and gaining knowledge parents find tuitions as the best one. Earlier only privilege was with home tuitions or else combine coaching centers, but with the passage of time online tutors are booming up. Selection among the two lies on which gains more upbeats –

Online tutorial – Many online tutoring services are at hand, which assists students in completing their curriculum. But, how flourishing it is? Well! Undoubtedly, technology has made lives easier. Online tutorials are advantageous for senior students and those who dwell in small towns as they are not privileged with good direct tutors there. Students can choose tutors according to their convenience, budget, time-slot and subjects required. Online tutors can be from either part of the globe and surpass the knowledge through new teaching techniques like presentations, online library, referential discussion groups and various E-books.

But, apart from these many promotes there are few annoyances too. Affording computers or laptops is not trouble-free for every student. Students may not get assistance from their tutors apart from the assigned time slot; in this case they may be glued with their problems.

Direct tutorial – Traditional and older method of tuition is still in the vein of many parents and their wards. Direct tutors are a fashion in bigger cities. Biggest benefit here is that student can discuss and solve all his queries with his tutor face to face and can understand it up to the depth. On the other hand, knowledge may fix up only till the prescribed book as other sources are not considered much here.

Hence, one should move parallel with the time and should opt for online tutorial services as it provides better scope and span of learning.

Can an MBA give you success in the banking industry?

There are many people who wonder what the value of an MBA is in the world of banking. The answer to that question primarily depends on what the current role and field of the individual is. There are many people in banking who do not have fancy degrees. They joined at a very low position. Then through dint of hard work, and a little bit of luck, they rose through the ranks. After having spent a few years in banking, and having worked in different departments, and having gained a lot of experience, they become invaluable to the company. This gives them a lot of accolades and they get promoted quickly from one rank to the other. Towards the middle and end part of their careers, one can find many of these people occupying top positions in their respective organisations.

Then there are many people who do not want to go through this grind. They want to rise to the top quickly, and they wish to handle key responsibilities at a very early age. So they enrol themselves in an MBA course. One of the reasons that many people do an MBA course is because it teaches them about management. Once they have a management degree, they think that many doors will open for them, and they will find themselves in the top echelons of their industry.

This is not always true. Yes, the MBA degree does open many doors. This is especially true in the initial stages of one’s career. An MBA does not have to start at the low positions and meagre salaries that some of their less educated compatriots do. They get a pretty decent position at the very beginning of their careers. But whether they reach the top or not is another question. That mostly depends on how they perform.

There is a lot of difference in acquiring an education degree, and being successful at the workplace. When one is studying, marks were very important. But once one goes to the workplace, they have to deliver results, achieve targets, and lead people. Many MBAs falter in the real world. They are unable to turn their academic inclinations into real world success. They find that the task of people management is too difficult for them or that achieving targets in the workplace is not as easy as it seems.

On the other hand, there are many people who did not do well academically, but armed with the right people skills, and ample knowledge acquired through experience, quickly make their way to the top positions.

Getting an MBA degree is good, and also quite useful. It teaches you many things. But success at the workplace and reaching top positions depends on many factors. In conclusion it would be fair to say that while a management degree can open many doors, and get you entry into many roles, sustaining that success and reaching a high position depends on what kind of talent and soft skills a person has.

All about being an environmentalist

There are many people these days who venture into unusual careers. They want to do something that is out of the way. They have made up their minds a long time ago that the run of the mill careers is not for them. They have causes that they want to fight for, and they want their lives to mean something beyond rushing to office every day, being a part of the rat race, and making a living.


Some people want to become environmentalists. They have a passion for nature and they decide that they want to do something for our planet. This is not a normal run of the mill profession that has ample information on it like engineering or medicine. In many cases it need not even be a profession. It can simply be a passion. People can take up environmental causes in their spare time. But it does not really matter whether it is a passion or a profession. Those who undertake this noble task will find that it is truly rewarding, fun and fulfilling.

The first thing that people can do is to see how they can help. What are the causes in their area that needs that attention? Some people will find that the garbage has been left uncollected in their area, and this is causing quite a mess. Other people will find that there are factories in the vicinity that are polluting their environment and causing harm to the people in their area. There are times when they will be walking on the road, and they will look at cars emitting dangerous amounts of carbon dioxide in the air. Something in their heart will tell them that this is not right, and they will decide to take this up as a cause. So one can deduce from all this that to be a good environmentalist, one needs to have a cause that they are willing to fight for.

Then the next thing they need to look at is whether they have the talent to achieve their goals. Yes, they are concerned about our world, but can they translate this passion into meaningful achievements. It mostly depends on what kind of skills different individuals possess. Some people are introverts, but they are good at writing. So they espouse their cause through the power of the pen. Others are extroverts. They are good with people. They have the ability to raise money for charities, get groups of people together for a march, organise functions, and generally make sure that things involving people get done.

There are a myriad range of activities when it comes to saving the environment, and it requires people of all hues to achieve different things. So people simply have to look at where their skills fit in and make themselves useful in that particular range of activities. Becoming an environmentalist is primarily about passion, and there are no economic rewards that can be gained here. So make sure that you are in it for the right reasons.

The Internet has changed our lives

Since the dawn of time technology has played a vital role in the way that mankind’s life has changed. The discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel started the cycle that would enable man to rule this world. Then the invention of paper and the building of ships and aeroplanes allowed man to travel to lands on the edge of this earth. Today it is the Internet that is shaping and reshaping our lives.

internetThe jobs that we work in

Even as this essay is being written, millions of people on this planet owe their livelihood to the Internet. They work in dot com companies and Internet start-ups, cloud computing firms and network agencies, call centres and knowledge process operations. They service clients who are sitting on the other side of the world. They owe their livelihood to the ability of companies to be in touch with their customers in real time, all thanks to the Internet.

The banks that we transact with

So much of banking and money management is now done on the Internet. People simply sit in front of their laptop computer and transfer their money from one account to the other. They make credit card payments over the World Wide Web allowing them to buy goods and services in an instant. They check their financial statements online and file income tax statements over the Internet.

Finding your soul mate online

Yes, people make friends over the Internet, they find their weekend dates over the Internet, and they find a spouse over the Internet. So many sites have come up in recent times that allow people to find their loved ones by chatting on social media sites or in community chat rooms.

Driving economies

There was a time when the workers of Third World countries like India and the Philippines had to leave the streets of Mumbai and Manila and travel to far off lands to find work. They no longer have to do that. The numerous outsourcing companies that have emerged in these countries have given many people a source of livelihood. The workers are able to live in their own cities among their own people within their own culture and earn a decent living even though they cater to customers in London and New York. This phenomenon that drives the economies of these nations has been made possible only because of the World Wide Web.

Getting the news out there

How often have we been witness to blogs and Internet journalists driving the news and telling the stories that traditional print media and television stations have been slow to catch upon. Such is the threat from the online sources that almost all newspapers and television studios have an online version to cater to the needs of the public.

There are many more things that can be done on the Internet. Think of this the next time a flight ticket is purchased, a hotel room is booked, a movie from the Internet is downloaded, or research is being done for a PhD thesis.   

When inventions should be patented

When an inventor invents something that is of value, a thought arises in his mind whether it is worthy enough for him to patent it. Plagiarism is quite common in the world of science and the inventor stands to lose millions in case somebody was to copy his idea. If an invention was to be patented then the investor can get protection against those greedy eyes that fall on his products. On the other hand, not every product can be patented. That is why the inventor needs to consider some factors.

inventionsThe invention should be of use to society.

Some inventors come up with ideas that are very creative. They dazzle the audience and elicit wonder from everyone who lays eyes on it. But they are of no use. They cannot be used for making anything that serves a purpose, and generally the inventors have a hard time finding buyers for such products. Naturally, such products cannot be patented.

But there are other inventions that are of great use to the human race. They save users time, effort and money. They might even change the way we go about our daily life. They might alter the way we look at the world around us. These products can and should be patented. The inventors deserve all the credit for having come up with the idea and for having built such a product, and they need to be recognised for their brilliance.

The product needs to be completely original.

Is the idea and the invention absolutely new or has it just been rehashed from something that has already been made before and thought up before. If it is just a rework of an earlier product then don’t bother patenting it. In case it is not; in case the idea and the invention have never been created before then it deserves to be patented.

It needs to fit in a class.

Every product that is sent for being patented needs to fit into a class. Now what are these classes? There are four of them. The first one is for a new process that has been invented. The second one is for the invention of new machines. The third class refers to new articles of manufacture. And the final one is for newly invented compositions of matter. The invention can get patented only if it fits into one of these classes. In case it does not then the patent will be rejected. That is why many creative works are often rejected because they do not fit into any of these classes.

The ownership needs to lie with the inventor.

The product can only be patented in the name of the inventor if he works for himself. If the inventor worked for a company when he made the product, and used the resources of the company to make the product then it will be the company that will get the patent, not the inventor. So check the ownership before the claiming the product in your name.

Why Does Online Tutoring Benefit Students

Thousands of students from various countries do their postgraduate and doctoral degrees. They aim at completing their respective academic courses successfully. There is a huge amount of pressure on them to do so. Completing these degrees successfully requires hard work and research. Many students face issues in their subjects and are unable to perform well in exams. Although, they study hard in their college, they are still left with many queries in their minds. They simply can’t muster the courage to open up to a crowd of hundreds and ask their teacher doubts. This keeps those doubts unanswered and leads them to failure. The bright students, on the other hand, grasp everything quickly, don’t feel the need to get any further assistance and pass out successfully.

1There are some other students who yearn for higher degrees and don’t even get proper education. All such students need not be disappointed anymore owing to the emergence of online tutoring classes. With the arrival of the internet technology, it has now become possible for students to learn and do well in their respective courses and exams. It is not compulsory for them to attend college anymore and they can study from the privacy of their homes. Online tutoring provides them all the guidance regarding various subjects and makes them understand the same in a fun, simple and communicative way. It helps them communicate with one another and the teachers and provides them a platform wherein they can share their queries and doubts.

All the queries and doubts are taken care of and online tutoring acts as a common means of teaching for both students and teachers. It offers academic services that are highly effective and useful. These are quite cost effective and assist Ph.D, M.B.A. and M.Sc students with their projects and assignments. These students are required to write journals and thesis reports ( on the basis of their research ) within the given deadlines and submit them for approval. Under such tight timelines, they often find it very difficult to complete these papers and submit not so well researched, written and edited ones. Online tutoring portals act as their savior and have a team of trained and qualified professionals who help them in writing flawless academic papers on time.

The papers are written and edited as per the university’s guidelines. When these meet the expectations of the university, research students are given the green signal. While learning and receiving an education from online tutoring, they can choose their own tutors and study at their own hours. They become self learners and get enough flexibility, time and space. Many online tutoring portals also allow them to study at their own pace and hire tutors from different parts of the world. These tutors are very educated and experienced and help students clear entrance exams. With online tutoring, even parents can monitor their children, study with them and help them with regard to various theories and concepts. These theories are made simple and presented to the students by tutors online.