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What parents need to know before hiring tutors for their children?

In this 24×7 busy life, it is really tough to save time for helping your child in his or her studies. Good parenting involves all the crucial measures that are beneficial in the betterment of your child. Working parents face this problem very frequently. The best solution for such a problem is to hire a private tutor. This shall end up concerns regarding the academics of your child and make him or her focus in a better way. Online tuitions have become the talk of the town. Selecting the one which is most apt and suitable for your child is sometimes very daunting.

If you are a bothered parent and are concerned about hiring the best online tutor for your child, here are some of the points that you must consider absolutely before making up your mind.

Search online

Make an online research to find out the tuition service that has got goodwill and name in the e-tuition sector. Tutoring classes or an individual tutor needs to be of the type that aids in keeping your child stay motivated and ascertain learning throughout the teaching. The other important factor that needs to be considered is that the tuition services have to be of a flexible nature and various methods of teaching need to be employed.

Qualities to expect from the tutor

It is reasonable to expect from the teacher you select for tutoring your children, to be well experienced, goal oriented and firm. Above all, his or her knowledge regarding the subject being tutored needs to be vast and not limited. It is very much important that the person you are hiring as a tutor is understanding and patient while teaching lessons to your child as there is good possibility that the child might take some time to adapt and tend to refrain himself/herself from being taught.


Then, you may take the help of your sundries and relatives in finding out a tutor that can understand the needs of your child in his or her academics. Besides, you may also indulge in taking the online service for tuitions if you are not feeling to adopt the traditional method of tutoring. Online tuitions are in vogue these days and are achieving an immense amount of success. The medium of interaction for such kind of online tuitions is through computers. Online tuitions serve as a very good learning process for the child as he /she gets to interact with a pool of students belonging to similar age and the chances of getting bored are drastically reduced.

Essence of Consciousness

The consciousness first emerged as man’s ancestor became aware of his own being, his personal existence, as he singled himself out from the external world and determined his attitude to it. With his emergent consciousness, primitive man noticed for the first time that he existed and how he existed. He began to realise what was going around him. In other words, consciousness is awareness, knowledge of what is going on around one. Such awareness is peculiar only to the human form of reflection. In speaking of consciousness as the highest and purely human form of reflection, one should note its main specific features.

First, man reflects the world as a unity of its external and internal aspects, not only in the form of sensory images, but also in the form of laws and categories, artistic images and so on, through conceptual, abstract thought and speech. Second, human consciousness can foresee the consequences of its own activity, the nature and direction of natural and social processes. This is initially achieved on the basis of life experience, and at the present level of social development, largely on the basis of knowledge of natural and social laws.

Third, consciousness is capable of setting goals, formulating ideals and projecting the ideal results of future activity. Goal setting is a necessary prerequisite of conscious, planned activity. Fourth, the human consciousness appraises reality. In forming goals, interests and ideals, and in taking and carrying out decisions, man is not only guided by knowledge, but also appraises the phenomenon in question depending on the historically arisen personal and social requirements and interests as necessary or unnecessary, useful or useless, favourable or harmful.

Fifth, the human consciousness is characterised by self-consciousness, reflecting not only the external, but also the internal world, and making self-consciousness yet another object of cognition. Sixth consciousness is creative, actively influencing the surrounding world. The function of man’s consciousness is to gain knowledge of the world in order to find the most effective ways of changing not only the actual, but also the possible conditions of social life in the interests of man, in order to meet the requirements, both of the individual and the society. Natural conditions cannot satisfy man whose normal state is one appropriate to his consciousness, one that has to be created by him.

The activity of the human consciousness manifests itself in the functions it performs in the system of practical cognition and transformation of reality. The most important of these are the cognitive, constructive and regulative functions.

Unity of Consciousness and Language

Just as any other phenomenon, consciousness has its own modes and forms of being, outside which it cannot exist. Language is such a mode of its being. Ever since its emergence, consciousness has existed in the material integument of language. Through language, it is actualised and becomes accessible for perception and apprehension by other people. Both his own and other people’s thoughts become accessible to man only through words, through language. Language and consciousness cannot exist in isolation from each other and the fact that children who have, for some reasons, not learnt any, language do not have a consciousness is graphic proof of that. Language exists in the form of an integral and historically established system of symbols. That system has a specific structure and is governed by certain objective laws of development. This shows that language has some independence.

But just as consciousness, language is socially conditioned. It took shape simultaneously with consciousness as an instrument of human communication and knowledge, an instrument of man’s social and labour activity. Whereas consciousness reflects reality, language designates it and expresses ideas. In language and speech, human ideas, notions and feelings are given a material form perceptible for the senses and are thus put within the reach of other people. That is why speech is a powerful instrument enabling some individuals to influence others and society to influence the individual.

In the formation and development of consciousness, language performs several functions. First is a designative function. People use words to designate surrounding objects and phenomena, their connections and relations, their own subjective states, their attitude to the world and so on. The word is a vehicle of human knowledge about the world; an intermediary between ideas and things, for it simultaneously reflects and designates the object. It records the abstractive activity of thinking. The word in a way substitutes for the object, representing it in the human consciousness. It makes possible the process of thinking itself, the mental manipulation of ideal images symbolising real things, their properties and relations.

Why does thunder make a rumbling sound?

Since centuries man has been speculating on the cause of thunder. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher’s theory in the third century has contributed to the first theory for the cause of thunder. The early speculation said that it was caused because of collision of clouds. As a result other theories were propounded.

Rapid expansion and contraction of air can cause thunder, surrounded by a lightning bolt. Lightning being very hot, approximately five times hotter than the earth’ surface causing air around the lightning bolt to get heated tremendously. Within fraction of a second, the air rapidly expands. In any case, the air does not get much heated for long times and dissipates quickly the heat again in fractions of a second. This rapid contraction and expansion of the air creates a compression wave that we hear as thunder.

The rumbling sound is because of two reasons:

  • A lightning bolt is not necessarily a straight line and is not at equal distance from people at all points. Therefore the compression waves formed by each part of the lightning bolt reaches on earth at different times. The sound wave travelling to higher distance would be softer and arrive late than a compression wave which is created by a part of the lightening bolt which was nearer to earth.
  • The other reason for rumbling sound is because of the compression waves bouncing around and off the clouds, other objects nearby and the ground. Which is why the thunder can get loud, soften little after that and then get loud again.

A flash of lightning, followed after some seconds by a rumble of thunder proves the fact that sound significantly travels much slower than light. This difference could be used, one can calculate the distance of the bolt of lightning by fixing the interval between watching the flash and hearing of thunder.

Bits of fact:

Thunderstorms generally occur on a hot summer day, when the air becomes warms and sticky. They start in high cumulonimbus clouds turning the sky blue and black. Some of them can be massive too. The tallest can grow 18km high, which is twice the height of Mt Everest.

Scope of research in north east states of India

Every country has one unique area. India’s unique lands are the states in its north-east.

These states face many problems; researchers must visit north-east. You can go to Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Sikkim. Researchers should be ready to work on difficult things.

India’s north-east does not have a strong geographic link with the country. The states are actually closer to neighboring countries like China and Nepal than India. People in this area say the Indian government ignores them. They should understand that even those people living in New Delhi, the country’s capital, are ignored by their politicians, bosses, wives, husbands, children and friends. Developing businesses with neighboring countries is a realistic idea the north-east can use. They should recognize the beauty of their land, give a lot of importance to tourism and create advertisements and books to promote north-east. You will be able to find happiness in these lovely states. Long roads, tall trees and genuinely nice men and women create a great land that makes India stronger.

North-east’s culture brings ideas from other lands in Asia and the West. A person from this area who is travelling through other states in India is treated like a foreigner. North-east is special and its people should believe in their own natural qualities. When people have confidence they can achieve what they desire. A culture should learn how to innovate. The people from the north-east are fashionable; they can use this quality to impress others or develop a business. Many Indians from big cities have a negative attitude towards them. Indians are very traditional; they don’t respect new thoughts and western ideas.

States in the north-east have little money. The people who earn the largest amounts of money in India are probably fat, old men living in Mumbai. The north-east is underdeveloped. Young men and women from these states go to the big cities in India to get jobs. A sustained focus on development and entrepreneurship is the only way to improve the conditions in these lands. Development happens when there is initiative. People in the north-east should support energetic minds in the states and do what they can.

A variety of people and many colorful tribes live in the north-east. These tribes don’t have good relations with the people who migrated from other parts of India and the world.

Creating the best model for inclusive growth

He is taller than most people, he earns a big salary and he lives in a stable country. Growth will always create imbalances; governments talk about inclusive growth just to make everyone happy.

Governments can be biased. When a government treats its citizens equally it will lead to inclusive growth. We see dictators, cruel kings and other evil powers ruling different countries. These people don’t believe in human beings and their rights. We should fight against them and destroy their authority.

The Internet brought the entire world into a great space. Now this space can be used for our growth. Designing a website is an easy way to get people interested in your businesses or life. Unbelievable amount of information is available on the Internet so we should take what we need to improve our selves. Many websites are interactive and will allow us to participate in the services they offer. You must spend a lot of time online and learn more about how the Internet can help you. The best thing about the Internet is that you can meet billionaires and lazy men here. This space is evolving rapidly and we must take advantage of its positive qualities.

Businessmen and businesswomen who want to make a real contribution to the society should be encouraged. Our governments should recognize the value of these special people and support their ideas. A country prospers when these businesses use the talents of people from all backgrounds to sell their products and services. Your country will be a happier land. When the unemployed youth get jobs they will be enthusiastic workers. They will need help but they will be able to provide solid support to a business. We must think about starting businesses in rural areas and creating jobs for the poor and the ignored. Competition is healthy. We will sharpen our skills and get ready to face any situation. A country that has many businesses offering the best salaries and work will grow at a very fast rate.

We should develop our own methods to grow. The person who is waiting for help is a fool. Decide what you want to achieve and then try to move towards that point. Improvise when necessary. You should not be discouraged by small failures. You will create techniques to strengthen your willpower. It’s a gradual process. Learn to be happy with what you have achieved. Create your special rules.

Why is global warming a concern?

Our desire for hot coffee and rooms with the right temperature is quite human but we are not bothered about the rise in temperature in the atmosphere around the world. This is simply unbelievable.

The large amounts of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other gases we release into the atmosphere traps the sun’s heat and the atmosphere’s temperature increases. This phenomenon is called Global Warming. Automobiles emit carbon dioxide. When we cut trees and destroy forests the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doesn’t get absorbed and oxygen is not released into the atmosphere. The sad reality!

Developed countries like the United States of America have great resources so they have the responsibility to design a solution to this problem. When natural disasters like floods happen because of global warming poor countries will struggle to survive. The advances in science and technology have created millions of lazy people who don’t care about the future of the earth. Governments and people who have power should educate these stupid men and women and use their energies to take their countries to great heights. Scientists are warning us about the consequences of delaying things. Our world is in absolute danger.

We have reached this extremely difficult phase in the history of our planet because of our selfishness. Our lives revolve around our jobs, bosses, families and possessions. The earth is not an interesting topic for us. We just want to buy nice clothes and houses. Or listen to music. We live inside a cocoon. Many young people live to see what’s on Facebook.

Global Warming can be reduced. When you use mass transportation systems you’ll contribute lesser amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Countries should now avoid building power plants that burn coal. Renewable energies like solar and wind energy should be our preferred options. We must be conscious about the results of the decisions we make every day. Don’t cut trees. Our governments should create laws to protect forests. Don’t buy a car to impress others.

The earth is our planet; a huge globe with a great variety of living beings. You are a part of this unique land. Don’t be an irresponsible person. You must do what you can do to prevent a tragedy.

An indispensable part of your dissertation – Your Tutor

Almost every graduate and post-graduate program that you undertake will demand a dissertation towards the end of your course. A dissertation is a more detailed thesis wherein the students are expected to do a thorough research on a particular subject, analyse their key findings and make a conclusion based on the study. Depending on the nature of your subject, your knowledge and your need to maintain timelines, every student is assigned a personal tutor for successful completion of his /her dissertation. A tutor that supports you is great, but having a tutor that pushes you to achieve an unattainable goal, encourages you to exceed your own expectations and ensures you complete your work well within time is a bonus in your dissertation.

Many-a-times, the role of a tutor in the dissertation writing process is under-rated. Students believe that they would rather work on their own and don’t want interference from a professor/tutor. Especially, if the tutor is more of a critic than a model, the students are more likely to repel the assistance. Also, if the tutor is unavailable or doesn’t respond on time, the students will have a negative approach towards him. However, it cannot be denied that a good dissertation is incomplete without a good tutor. Right from the very first meeting about discussing your topic to the final dissertation checking, a tutor plays a vital role in this assignment.

As a student, it is important to understand how to make the most of this knowledge and guidance that your tutor provides.

Points to consider while choosing the right tutor:

  1. The subject of your dissertation: Your tutor must have in-depth knowledge about the subject so that whenever you are stalled, he can show you the right way out.
  2. Define your Research Question: Your research question needs to be clearly defined so that your tutor knows which route to take and can draw a skeleton of your dissertation effectively.
  3. Timelines: You need to be clear about your university guidelines so that you can share them with your tutor, which will help him in defining milestones along the way to completion.
  4. Assistance required: You also need to define the kind of assistance you will require from your tutor, whether you can manage deadlines on your own, whether you need constant reassurance or you need only occasional help.
  5. Pitfalls: Due to their extensive experience, tutors are able to warn you of possible pitfalls and help you in avoiding them.

The quality of your dissertation will be a notch higher if you find the right tutor and implement his suggestions and ideas in the right manner.

The art of research paper writing

Your research will be a sequence of events. Think about the most important event that happened when you did the research. Writing about this event is a great way to write a strong research paper.

Human beings are curious people. We want to know the details about big events in other people’s lives. Everyone is interested in hearing stories. Tell us the story of your research. This is a simple idea that will ensure that your research paper gets noticed. Researchers should understand that when you write about an event you are creating work aimed at a person’s natural instinct to learn about other people.

Films and journalists dramatize events; if the event you are writing about is a little dull, add spice and colour to it. How? When you write about people, focus on their looks, body language and other interesting details. A study about a thing can be explained in a beautiful way by writing about what the study is trying to achieve. Great stories are based on simple themes and they explain minor details of the theme to take the reader into new lands.

When people write about things they want to say they get very excited and might start powerfully and then get into totally unrelated topics. Researchers who write papers that deviate from the main topic are wasting their time and bringing confused work into their fields. You must review what you write; it’s a good technique to ensure that your paper doesn’t look like it was written by a moody teenager. Research is always done with an intention; people reading your research paper should understand why you have done the research and what you are trying to explain. This is not easy. Research can be great fun so when you are writing about it you might get attracted to another topic and then forget what you were trying to say! You should ask a reliable person to read your writing. He or she will be able to recognize the mistakes in it.

Honesty is underestimated. Genuine, honest words in a paper will get inside people and create super results that clever strategies cannot produce. Write about your failures; it makes you human. Raw emotions and ideas have strength you cannot fake. Keep the writing real. Bring people and stories into your writing. Write about your fears and wishes.

Creative research in literature

A researcher writing about literature should remember that he is not working on a dull, boring topic many researchers select so your work should be creative.

Researchers have the responsibility to try new ways of doing their work. Creative people allow their instincts to tell them what they should do. When a researcher brings their natural personality into their work they will do strong research. All great works of research are done by men and women who have dared to be themselves. People who are aware of their feelings and thoughts do the best research. Laugh, joke, get angry, scold, wonder and evaluate. Everything in life is interlinked but we must develop our own personal logic to understand the truth.

Books create extraordinary pictures in our minds. They can speak about real or imaginary worlds. A writer is a person who takes us wherever he or she wants to so we forgive them if they behave in ways that we cannot fully understand. When you are researching about literature and writers you get a great excuse and the opportunity to act like a writer which means you can do whatever you want to do.

We see people on the roads, in shops and offices but we don’t talk to everyone. A researcher trying to write about literature should meet different types of people and think about their personalities. You must try to recognize the inner chambers in a human being’s mind. Your writing about literature should feel like the work of a real writer.

Creative people know the spirit of adventure. They convert their thoughts and emotions into real objects, things or measurable results. Our world is a beautiful place because of their efforts. We have siblings and uncles who are creative and they bring colour into our days.

Buy or borrow a book. You must read many books. Observe how words are used. Read for pleasure. Books written by people from different countries will make you aware about cultures and sensitivities. You will develop a love for a writer. This is a natural thing that will improve your understanding about literature.

We have the ability to be creative but if you really feel you cannot do creative research don’t do the research. The researcher who is not interested in his work is wasting his time and he will create a meaningless paper or dissertation.