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Proof read your dissertation for high scores

No one is perfect in this world! This means that no one can write a perfect dissertation in the very first attempt. There are full chances of errors and omissions when you complete writing the dissertation. A research paper is truly of high significance to you because it is going to contribute to your academic score. Therefore, you would surely like it to be free of any errors. This is possible only if you proofread your dissertation before submitting it to the concerned authority.

Proofreading ensures that you have the appropriate presentation, as well as structure for your dissertation. Proofreaders check the quality of language, grammar and spellings in the first go. Then they go through the data and labeling to ensure that all modules, images and tables are perfect.

When you proofread, it becomes easy to check the format as well as style of your dissertation, because you need to be consistent in maintaining the standard style of writing a dissertation. Further, it also becomes possible to confirm quickly, whether you have followed the rules and guidelines set by your instructor while proofreading. In case you have not, you are bound to lose marks. However, proofreading is there to save you! A qualified proofreader is careful in the approach and implements precise formatting techniques with the help of writing and research skills.


How research consultants help you

Success in PhD demands distinctive amalgamation of intelligence, observation, innovation and excellence. Any student that shows the courage to pursue PhD will undoubtedly be possessing intellectuality. Just passing a test in PhD does not qualify you as one. Your foundation must be strong in the subject that you are specializing in; that is why the consultants are there to offer exclusive guidance with the sole aim of slashing your stress by a certain degree and empowering you to submit your thesis within the definite time limit. They deliver error free, grammatically correct, original content for reports. They also give guidance on certain topics to students who have the passion of exploring the depth of PhD. PhD guidance and consultation help those who intend to help themselves. Some aspects that you have to assess while choosing a consultant are:

  • Years of experience that the consultant possesses
  • Level of expertise in the subject matter
  • Ability to help in an interactive manner
  • Availability at all times for advice
  • Association with colleges or academic background

It is mandatory to exercise your choice on the best and most suitable mentors. A good, patient and knowledgeable mentor will deliver a good and knowledgeable teaching and guidance to students. The mentor’s expertise, personality, and intelligence play a significant role in building up a student’s career in PhD.

The Economic and Social Benefits of a BPO

The growth of the outsourcing industry in India has contributed immensely to its economic development. There are many people who deride this industry and think that working there is nothing to be proud of. Entering the BPO industry does not require extraordinary educational qualifications. In a country that is obsessed with big degrees, this itself is a cause for many people’s derision. But this industry requires other types of abilities. It requires employees to be good with people, both Indian and foreign and to understand the mindset of customers who are thousands of miles away and have the ability to meet their demands. People working in this industry often have to work long and demanding hours at odd times of the day, which requires a different kind of willpower by itself.

This country admires the chosen few who graduate each year from the IITs and the IIMs and proceed to work on foreign shores for multimillion dollar salaries. However, there is no plan for the millions of simple graduates and post graduates, which colleges in the country churn out every year. Not everybody has the ability to get cent percent in their exams and get lucky enough to enter the portals of a prestigious institution. But they have other skills like talking well and handling customers with ease. There are also many people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and for them finishing graduation itself is an impressive feat.

Had it not been for the BPO industry, they would have continued to struggle in life for a measly salary in an ordinary local company. But now they earn remarkable pay packages that allow them to build a house, buy a car and put their children in decent educational institutions. They even get a chance to travel abroad, something that they could never have imagined a few years ago. The premises of most outsourcing companies are quite impressive and they also have home pick up and drop. The ancillary services that the BPO industry supports are also quite notable with a vast number of canteen staff, drivers and software technicians needed to keep the offices going. At a very young age, many BPO employees earn the kind of salaries and enjoy the kind of lifestyle that their parents could never have imagined. It also eases pressure on a society that was once hugely concerned with the number of youth who had nothing to do after graduation.

The Need for Humanities

Most of us are obsessed with studying courses that would enable us to get a good job and make a lot of money. That is why once the majority of us finish high school, we straight away make a cue for the nearest engineering college or business school. There are very few of us who even consider a college education in the humanities. Subjects like literature, history, psychology and sociology hold little interest for us. And even for those who are interested in these subjects, the desire to play it safe means that most of us will take admission in the standard business and science programs.

Many parents are proud of the artistic ability of their children or the vast amount of general knowledge that they have. However, when it comes to choosing a path in life, they will firmly discourage their wards from going anywhere near the arts. But there are many studies which are emerging in recent times that suggest that an education in the arts would help students from other walks of life as well. Many of the Asian countries who were looking purely at marks and encouraging practicality in their curriculum are now encouraging their students to take courses in the humanities so that they become more creative.

Scientists and engineers should also take a humanities course so that they may delve deeper into the ethics of what they are doing. During the course of their work they are prone to make discoveries and invent machines which have multiple uses. A course in humanities would encourage them to think on the moral values behind the reasons for such use. And considering all that has gone on in the financial world in recent times with so many scams galore, it might be a good idea for bankers to take a course in ethics and philosophy as well.

Humanities also push us to be creative. This is a quality that comes in useful in all walks of life. While analysing complex scientific issues and trying to find ways out of a financial crisis, creativity is a gift that is required by all. Humanities also teach us to question accepted truths and seek to challenge the laws imposed by those in authority. Societies cannot be run by bankers and engineers alone. Society also needs thinkers, philosophers, historians, social workers and artists. That is why subjects that teach humanities should be taken by all.

Coaching Classes for Improving Personality

When most people think of tutoring and coaching classes, they normally think of students going to study centres for cracking competitive engineering entrance exams and getting more proficient at maths, science and economics. But there are also many coaching classes that teach a wide variety of other things. Many different kinds of skills are needed to make it in the world of today. Simply having knowledge alone is not important. A person has to speak well, behave well and have charming social skills. That is why personality development is one of the popular classes taken by many people.

There are many people who struggle to handle the pressures of life in the corporate world or new fields like the BPO industry. They find that success in the workplace is a lot harder than getting success in examinations. This makes a number of young people as well as middle aged office goers throng these centres, looking for ways to improve their social qualities. There are certified trainers who teach people the right way to communicate and conduct themselves in various social circumstances.

These days learning to make speeches and learning to talk to strangers has become very essential. The rise of the call centre and BPO industry and the demand for salesmen and marketing personnel has meant that there is a huge demand for individuals who are good with people. Those who work in a call centre will be well aware of the rigorous training they are given before they are put on the shop floor. They are taught to be comfortable with foreign accents and if need be use a foreign accent themselves. They are trained to be patient and cool with difficult customers. Since many of the people who work in the places come from low income families, BPOs make it a point to teach them western styles of behaviour as well.

The growth in the Indian economy has meant that there is now a huge demand for various kinds of skilled personnel in the market. One of these kinds of demand is for English trainers. There are many people who study in a regional medium of education and feel that their lack of English language is hampering their job prospects. Then there are those who want to travel abroad and feel the need to acquire good language skills. All these people benefit from going to a class for enhancing English language skills.

Rainwater Harvesting – Important Rules to Follow

One of the solutions that Indian cities have come up with for the shortage of water for its citizens is using methods of rainwater harvesting. There are many techniques for rainwater harvesting and it is up to the citizens of that area and the civic administration to decide which method would suit them best. But there are certain steps that need to be followed when these techniques are being used.

The catchment facility needs to be built in a clean area. It is important that no pollutants or harmful chemicals are present in the area where the tank or the well is going to be built. The area near the catchment facility should not be used as a toilet by either humans or by animals. There are many buildings and apartment blocks where the terrace space is used for catching the rainwater. It is important that the terrace is kept clean and kids or even adults are not allowed to dirty it in any way. No pets should be allowed near the terrace. In case the city has a reputation for getting very dusty in the summer months then extra care should be taken to ensure that the terrace is kelp clean of dust.

All the citizens who are going to be using the water harvesting facilities should be made aware of its use, its purpose and also its maintenance. They should be given training on how the facility is to be employed and maintained. This way everyone in the area will have an equal role and equal responsibility to play in the usage and maintenance of the water catchment tank. Extra efforts should be taken to make sure that no birds and no rodents are allowed near the tank or the well. Cities tend to have birds like pigeons and sparrows flying around in residential areas. They are also known to face threats from squirrels and rats. They should be driven away the moment they get anywhere near the catchment area.

The tank should be given a thorough cleaning before the onset of the rainy season. It should be comprehensively checked to make sure that no chemicals, pollutants, dirt, grime or anything else that would cause harm to humans are present in the tank. Only then should the tank be used. By following these simple does and don’ts, it is possible for the people to enjoy safe and clean water that is caught straight from the sky.

Benefits of online tutoring

Online tutoring has emerged as one of the leading solutions for students, as well as for their parents. The benefits of online tutoring are:

  • One of the main benefits of online tutoring is that the students need not to go anywhere for the tuition. They just need an internet connection for getting guidance from the tutors online. By taking online tuitions students can save their time of travelling.
  • Students can easily access the study material online and they can replay the lessons also. Getting an access online to the study material is very convenient to the student.
  • Taking online tuitions is not that much expensive and receiving it from the comfort of student’s place is its biggest advantage. By taking online tuitions the parents can also save money along with the time.
  • Getting interacted with the tutor on the problems related to the subject is another benefit of online tutoring.There are so many modes such as E-mails, chats, messages, online assignments through which a student’s performance can be judged as well a student’s queries can also get solved.
  • It is easier for the parents to see the performance of their child. By having a direct interaction with the online tutor a parent can actually see those areas in which their child needs an improvement.

Availing online tuition facilities not only saves time and money but helps in solving queries and giving lessons to the student.