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Best way to find the right tutor

It is often difficult for parents to find the right tutor for their kids. This is because most of the tutors do not market themselves or do advertising for them. And with the limited time available in their day parents often are left with very less time to take care of their children. So a new project has been launched to bring all these tutors to an online platform making it beneficial for both the tutors and the parents along with the students. By using these online platforms parents can find the right tutor for their kids based on the subject requirement and timings be it evening or in the early mornings.

The other beneficiary in this model is tutors themselves who gets free advertising and marketing for them through this platform. They get a wide coverage thereby attracting more kids for tuitions. Students would always have the edge by choosing the right tutor or the subject which they require tuitions. Parents can also check out the locality of the tutors, reviews about their teachings and work, timings and all other things. They can also interact with the tutor before joining them at the tutor. With all this advantages these online platforms can benefit both the students and the tutors.

Getting the right tutor for best education

Often children will not be capable of grasping the classes in the school which are taught in few minutes in a hurry to finish syllabus. While some talented students might grasp everything, there are some students who need to be still considered are mediocre and not so talented student. Such students often opt for home tutors or some private tuition’s outside which help them in increasing their grades. Not just grades, these tutors help them in gaining more knowledge than the teachers at school as they get more time to teach and clarify doubts.

Students getting tuition classes outside the schools might also have an added advantage to learn more than one subject and this will help them in increasing their overall grades. The tutor must be capable of handling the bunch of students and must be able to handle multiple subjects. Such a tutor can be beneficial to students saving them a lot of time. Also parents must consider tutors who are nearer to their home so that it will not be a burden for the parents and children to travel long distances again after hectic work at school. All these simple things can fetch a better future for your kids.

Concept Maps


A concept is a basic idea or notion. Concept development is a very important part of pedagogy as they help students to develop cognitive processes such as categorization, memory, decision making, learning, and inference. Many students may get overwhelmed with the vast school syllabus. The right approach is to follow the conceptual approach. Many different topics within the same subject or even different subjects can come under the umbrella of a single concept, hence topics may be numerous but concepts are few. Use of concept development maps can be used to understand inter concept linkages and their contribution to a range of fields, by navigating on the maps students can move to higher and complex concepts which have roots in simpler concepts.