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Individual Learning vs. Group Learning

In the ancient world of the Vedic age, students used to visit the place of teacher, they used to stay there and learn. There was no concept of private tutoring at that point of time. The learning used to take place in groups. After that, a bit of time has been passed, and the educational scenario across the world has been changed radically. Now the competition has been so fierce that the rat race for being the top among the peers has made the students far more competitive than before. In accordance with that, the market of private tutoring is also flourishing. There are specialized coaching sessions for students, who aspire to move up the ladder in the career path. These coaching sessions provide students with coaching and mentoring for various admission tests and various specialized subjects. The students majorly follow the group study technique in these cases.

However, studying in group has its own pros and cons. Of course, by virtue of discussion, several new ideas come up, which can never be possible in case of individual learning. In any group learning procedure, students can exchange their views and ideas, and in the way of interaction, the learning can be more sustainable. But for any student, who is not vocal enough, cannot contribute to the discussion, and in this way, that student easily falls behind others. Moreover, in case of individual learning, one can go in depth of any subject of his / her preference, which is not possible in the midst of the group dynamics, as by interaction only, it is not possible to dig deeper into a subject. For this purpose, individual learning is more preferable than group learning. Last but not the least, unlike individual learning, maintaining concentration is a very hard task in group learning. For more information about various aspects of comparison between individual learning and group learning, kindly browse through the pages of

The self tutoring style with internet

Gone are the days waking up early morning and running to tuition’s just because the kid was not able to secure good marks in one or the other subject. Apart from spending eight or more hours in schools kids have to spend nearly three to four hours every day in tuition’s or private classes. This makes their day really hectic and they do not even have enough time to play or for other physical activities which keeps their brains functioning properly.  At the end of the day no parent knows the effectiveness of the tutor or the guarantee of the output. So to save time, money and increase satisfaction for both students and parents, there are number of online tutoring services being provided and one more interesting future about this online service is there would be no tutors and the whole process is interactive. These interactive courses are being provided by large multinational companies working in the educational sector after doing a lot of research and development work. Much of these online courses or tutoring services is costly but are proven to be effective and already had an impact on the students’ learning process.

These online tutoring courses are interactive and can solve students’ doubts clearly. All you need as a proper internet connection and a subscription to these courses. Even many schools have been subscribing to these courses for their students. Although somewhat costly these courses can be used for over a period of time and can be used for more than one person at a time sitting together. This will help reduce pressure on students and so they can sit at home and take these classes whenever possible. This not only saves their travelling time bust also provides sufficient time for taking rest and taking up other interesting part time activities or hobbies. Students must be able to handle basic internet are computer techniques in order to interact with the system. However kids these days are good enough to handle all those computer related stuff so easily. Parent can be relieved as kids can spend some time in front of them rather than spending time at tutors location and this leads to more bonding with the kids. Also parents can get an opportunity to teach their kids themselves thereby knowing more about their kids’ intellectual, learning capabilities and behavior. All in all this online tutoring courses have got a lot of benefits to both kids and parents.

Internet is the ultimate leaner’s guide

Internet is a sea of information and you can get almost everything you need. Be it information related to education, work, travel anything, anyone can get the information so much that you can get confused to choose the best one. With so much information available for free of cost students need not worry about their doubts or about tuitions and other classes. Even if the student did not listen the lecture at school properly or if he or she has missed out some classes or if the lecture at the school is not understandable, the kid can just go to the internet and search about the relevant topic. Now there are many interactive and online courses for the students which are available online to make their learning process easier and comfortable. With so many options available on internet students can actually choose the best one. If the student cannot understand information from one website he can always go to another website and get his useful information which can be easily understood. With the options available the learning process has been made easier for the students at very less cost. With the internet student need not require a separate tutor or a guide beside him to guide throughout as the online information is simple, crisp and also interactive some times.

Not just for school going children, internet is also helpful for students studying graduate courses like engineering, medicine, etc. For Post graduate and research scholars internet has vast information for their research and for preparing dissertations and thesis. Many research scholars depend on internet to gather information for their ground work and some of them even conduct online survey to gather information for the study. And for employees, internet can help in learning new technologies, techniques and also helps in solving work related issues. A lot of online forums present on internet help in sharing information, resolving issues and helping mutually. Also there are many online libraries which are free to use and download and some are paid which has a lot of articles, books etc which can be used. These libraries more of for educational purpose are useful for school children, college graduates and researchers. Apart from these there have been a new software packages from companies for kids especially below 3 years for learning purposes. Many programs explaining about animals, fruits etc with music and other attractive formations have been in the markets which are really helpful for these kids.