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The Internet has changed our lives

Since the dawn of time technology has played a vital role in the way that mankind’s life has changed. The discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel started the cycle that would enable man to rule this world. Then the invention of paper and the building of ships and aeroplanes allowed man to travel to lands on the edge of this earth. Today it is the Internet that is shaping and reshaping our lives.

internetThe jobs that we work in

Even as this essay is being written, millions of people on this planet owe their livelihood to the Internet. They work in dot com companies and Internet start-ups, cloud computing firms and network agencies, call centres and knowledge process operations. They service clients who are sitting on the other side of the world. They owe their livelihood to the ability of companies to be in touch with their customers in real time, all thanks to the Internet.

The banks that we transact with

So much of banking and money management is now done on the Internet. People simply sit in front of their laptop computer and transfer their money from one account to the other. They make credit card payments over the World Wide Web allowing them to buy goods and services in an instant. They check their financial statements online and file income tax statements over the Internet.

Finding your soul mate online

Yes, people make friends over the Internet, they find their weekend dates over the Internet, and they find a spouse over the Internet. So many sites have come up in recent times that allow people to find their loved ones by chatting on social media sites or in community chat rooms.

Driving economies

There was a time when the workers of Third World countries like India and the Philippines had to leave the streets of Mumbai and Manila and travel to far off lands to find work. They no longer have to do that. The numerous outsourcing companies that have emerged in these countries have given many people a source of livelihood. The workers are able to live in their own cities among their own people within their own culture and earn a decent living even though they cater to customers in London and New York. This phenomenon that drives the economies of these nations has been made possible only because of the World Wide Web.

Getting the news out there

How often have we been witness to blogs and Internet journalists driving the news and telling the stories that traditional print media and television stations have been slow to catch upon. Such is the threat from the online sources that almost all newspapers and television studios have an online version to cater to the needs of the public.

There are many more things that can be done on the Internet. Think of this the next time a flight ticket is purchased, a hotel room is booked, a movie from the Internet is downloaded, or research is being done for a PhD thesis.   

When inventions should be patented

When an inventor invents something that is of value, a thought arises in his mind whether it is worthy enough for him to patent it. Plagiarism is quite common in the world of science and the inventor stands to lose millions in case somebody was to copy his idea. If an invention was to be patented then the investor can get protection against those greedy eyes that fall on his products. On the other hand, not every product can be patented. That is why the inventor needs to consider some factors.

inventionsThe invention should be of use to society.

Some inventors come up with ideas that are very creative. They dazzle the audience and elicit wonder from everyone who lays eyes on it. But they are of no use. They cannot be used for making anything that serves a purpose, and generally the inventors have a hard time finding buyers for such products. Naturally, such products cannot be patented.

But there are other inventions that are of great use to the human race. They save users time, effort and money. They might even change the way we go about our daily life. They might alter the way we look at the world around us. These products can and should be patented. The inventors deserve all the credit for having come up with the idea and for having built such a product, and they need to be recognised for their brilliance.

The product needs to be completely original.

Is the idea and the invention absolutely new or has it just been rehashed from something that has already been made before and thought up before. If it is just a rework of an earlier product then don’t bother patenting it. In case it is not; in case the idea and the invention have never been created before then it deserves to be patented.

It needs to fit in a class.

Every product that is sent for being patented needs to fit into a class. Now what are these classes? There are four of them. The first one is for a new process that has been invented. The second one is for the invention of new machines. The third class refers to new articles of manufacture. And the final one is for newly invented compositions of matter. The invention can get patented only if it fits into one of these classes. In case it does not then the patent will be rejected. That is why many creative works are often rejected because they do not fit into any of these classes.

The ownership needs to lie with the inventor.

The product can only be patented in the name of the inventor if he works for himself. If the inventor worked for a company when he made the product, and used the resources of the company to make the product then it will be the company that will get the patent, not the inventor. So check the ownership before the claiming the product in your name.