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Online Tutorial Versus Direct Tutorial

In the pursuit of doing better and achieving the best, every parent and their child are chasing for the paramount source of education right from the initial schooling days. Scooping for more options of education and gaining knowledge parents find tuitions as the best one. Earlier only privilege was with home tuitions or else combine coaching centers, but with the passage of time online tutors are booming up. Selection among the two lies on which gains more upbeats –

Online tutorial – Many online tutoring services are at hand, which assists students in completing their curriculum. But, how flourishing it is? Well! Undoubtedly, technology has made lives easier. Online tutorials are advantageous for senior students and those who dwell in small towns as they are not privileged with good direct tutors there. Students can choose tutors according to their convenience, budget, time-slot and subjects required. Online tutors can be from either part of the globe and surpass the knowledge through new teaching techniques like presentations, online library, referential discussion groups and various E-books.

But, apart from these many promotes there are few annoyances too. Affording computers or laptops is not trouble-free for every student. Students may not get assistance from their tutors apart from the assigned time slot; in this case they may be glued with their problems.

Direct tutorial – Traditional and older method of tuition is still in the vein of many parents and their wards. Direct tutors are a fashion in bigger cities. Biggest benefit here is that student can discuss and solve all his queries with his tutor face to face and can understand it up to the depth. On the other hand, knowledge may fix up only till the prescribed book as other sources are not considered much here.

Hence, one should move parallel with the time and should opt for online tutorial services as it provides better scope and span of learning.

Why Does Online Tutoring Benefit Students

Thousands of students from various countries do their postgraduate and doctoral degrees. They aim at completing their respective academic courses successfully. There is a huge amount of pressure on them to do so. Completing these degrees successfully requires hard work and research. Many students face issues in their subjects and are unable to perform well in exams. Although, they study hard in their college, they are still left with many queries in their minds. They simply can’t muster the courage to open up to a crowd of hundreds and ask their teacher doubts. This keeps those doubts unanswered and leads them to failure. The bright students, on the other hand, grasp everything quickly, don’t feel the need to get any further assistance and pass out successfully.

1There are some other students who yearn for higher degrees and don’t even get proper education. All such students need not be disappointed anymore owing to the emergence of online tutoring classes. With the arrival of the internet technology, it has now become possible for students to learn and do well in their respective courses and exams. It is not compulsory for them to attend college anymore and they can study from the privacy of their homes. Online tutoring provides them all the guidance regarding various subjects and makes them understand the same in a fun, simple and communicative way. It helps them communicate with one another and the teachers and provides them a platform wherein they can share their queries and doubts.

All the queries and doubts are taken care of and online tutoring acts as a common means of teaching for both students and teachers. It offers academic services that are highly effective and useful. These are quite cost effective and assist Ph.D, M.B.A. and M.Sc students with their projects and assignments. These students are required to write journals and thesis reports ( on the basis of their research ) within the given deadlines and submit them for approval. Under such tight timelines, they often find it very difficult to complete these papers and submit not so well researched, written and edited ones. Online tutoring portals act as their savior and have a team of trained and qualified professionals who help them in writing flawless academic papers on time.

The papers are written and edited as per the university’s guidelines. When these meet the expectations of the university, research students are given the green signal. While learning and receiving an education from online tutoring, they can choose their own tutors and study at their own hours. They become self learners and get enough flexibility, time and space. Many online tutoring portals also allow them to study at their own pace and hire tutors from different parts of the world. These tutors are very educated and experienced and help students clear entrance exams. With online tutoring, even parents can monitor their children, study with them and help them with regard to various theories and concepts. These theories are made simple and presented to the students by tutors online.

The self tutoring style with internet

Gone are the days waking up early morning and running to tuition’s just because the kid was not able to secure good marks in one or the other subject. Apart from spending eight or more hours in schools kids have to spend nearly three to four hours every day in tuition’s or private classes. This makes their day really hectic and they do not even have enough time to play or for other physical activities which keeps their brains functioning properly.  At the end of the day no parent knows the effectiveness of the tutor or the guarantee of the output. So to save time, money and increase satisfaction for both students and parents, there are number of online tutoring services being provided and one more interesting future about this online service is there would be no tutors and the whole process is interactive. These interactive courses are being provided by large multinational companies working in the educational sector after doing a lot of research and development work. Much of these online courses or tutoring services is costly but are proven to be effective and already had an impact on the students’ learning process.

These online tutoring courses are interactive and can solve students’ doubts clearly. All you need as a proper internet connection and a subscription to these courses. Even many schools have been subscribing to these courses for their students. Although somewhat costly these courses can be used for over a period of time and can be used for more than one person at a time sitting together. This will help reduce pressure on students and so they can sit at home and take these classes whenever possible. This not only saves their travelling time bust also provides sufficient time for taking rest and taking up other interesting part time activities or hobbies. Students must be able to handle basic internet are computer techniques in order to interact with the system. However kids these days are good enough to handle all those computer related stuff so easily. Parent can be relieved as kids can spend some time in front of them rather than spending time at tutors location and this leads to more bonding with the kids. Also parents can get an opportunity to teach their kids themselves thereby knowing more about their kids’ intellectual, learning capabilities and behavior. All in all this online tutoring courses have got a lot of benefits to both kids and parents.

Internet is the ultimate leaner’s guide

Internet is a sea of information and you can get almost everything you need. Be it information related to education, work, travel anything, anyone can get the information so much that you can get confused to choose the best one. With so much information available for free of cost students need not worry about their doubts or about tuitions and other classes. Even if the student did not listen the lecture at school properly or if he or she has missed out some classes or if the lecture at the school is not understandable, the kid can just go to the internet and search about the relevant topic. Now there are many interactive and online courses for the students which are available online to make their learning process easier and comfortable. With so many options available on internet students can actually choose the best one. If the student cannot understand information from one website he can always go to another website and get his useful information which can be easily understood. With the options available the learning process has been made easier for the students at very less cost. With the internet student need not require a separate tutor or a guide beside him to guide throughout as the online information is simple, crisp and also interactive some times.

Not just for school going children, internet is also helpful for students studying graduate courses like engineering, medicine, etc. For Post graduate and research scholars internet has vast information for their research and for preparing dissertations and thesis. Many research scholars depend on internet to gather information for their ground work and some of them even conduct online survey to gather information for the study. And for employees, internet can help in learning new technologies, techniques and also helps in solving work related issues. A lot of online forums present on internet help in sharing information, resolving issues and helping mutually. Also there are many online libraries which are free to use and download and some are paid which has a lot of articles, books etc which can be used. These libraries more of for educational purpose are useful for school children, college graduates and researchers. Apart from these there have been a new software packages from companies for kids especially below 3 years for learning purposes. Many programs explaining about animals, fruits etc with music and other attractive formations have been in the markets which are really helpful for these kids.

Are private tuitions necessary?

Private tuition means to give a student under a teacher to gain more knowledge about a particular subject, or for clarification of doubts. The term private means to teach in at home or in the house of a student. Private tuitions are necessary because mother and father may not always teach their child or clarify their doubts. It is in this case the tutors are essential to help a student in excelling in any subject. Previously, private tutors used to teach in their own house or by going to house of the student. They imparted education to students of all classes and designation. Absence of good training may also lead a student to fail in any exam. In this competitive world, the students who fail in a class has to remain back in all opportunities, so tutors are very essential for academic development of a student. However, unlike previous times, tutors now teach a lot of student together and therefore, cannot give much attention to all. Moreover, good tutors are not available everywhere, so, online tutoring has started in which a student can learn by taking tuitions sitting at home. This has made available many good teachers to students of different parts of the world.

Tutoring is very essential because a teacher provides one to one attention to a student and helps him or her to overcome their shortcomings by clarifying their doubts by asking questions. Tutors provide study materials for students and also provide opportunities for advancement by guiding them in the areas they are weak. As a student grows up, he / she requires teachers in different subjects like Maths, Physics, English, Geography, Economics etc. with the coming of online tuitions a student as well as a teacher can reach to any extent on the globe and impart knowledge, which a student can learn. Online tutoring is now quite famous, and organizations like provide tutors in different subjects as per required by students.

Best way to find the right tutor

It is often difficult for parents to find the right tutor for their kids. This is because most of the tutors do not market themselves or do advertising for them. And with the limited time available in their day parents often are left with very less time to take care of their children. So a new project has been launched to bring all these tutors to an online platform making it beneficial for both the tutors and the parents along with the students. By using these online platforms parents can find the right tutor for their kids based on the subject requirement and timings be it evening or in the early mornings.

The other beneficiary in this model is tutors themselves who gets free advertising and marketing for them through this platform. They get a wide coverage thereby attracting more kids for tuitions. Students would always have the edge by choosing the right tutor or the subject which they require tuitions. Parents can also check out the locality of the tutors, reviews about their teachings and work, timings and all other things. They can also interact with the tutor before joining them at the tutor. With all this advantages these online platforms can benefit both the students and the tutors.

Getting the right tutor for best education

Often children will not be capable of grasping the classes in the school which are taught in few minutes in a hurry to finish syllabus. While some talented students might grasp everything, there are some students who need to be still considered are mediocre and not so talented student. Such students often opt for home tutors or some private tuition’s outside which help them in increasing their grades. Not just grades, these tutors help them in gaining more knowledge than the teachers at school as they get more time to teach and clarify doubts.

Students getting tuition classes outside the schools might also have an added advantage to learn more than one subject and this will help them in increasing their overall grades. The tutor must be capable of handling the bunch of students and must be able to handle multiple subjects. Such a tutor can be beneficial to students saving them a lot of time. Also parents must consider tutors who are nearer to their home so that it will not be a burden for the parents and children to travel long distances again after hectic work at school. All these simple things can fetch a better future for your kids.

Acquiring general information through the Web

It is not necessary that one has to go to school or college for learning and acquiring knowledge. This is the era of the World Wide Web. There is plenty of information here on a variety of topics in disciplines like science, finance, law and literature, to name a few. Students can log on to a good site and absorb all the information they want. Leading law societies, National Geographic and aviation companies all have their own websites to disseminate information to readers. Such sources allow readers to acquire knowledge even outside the environs of the normal academic world.

Modern Cities need Rainwater Harvesting

Shortage of water is not new to Indian cities. As cities become larger in size, the existing infrastructure starts to groan under the strain. The number of people who cram into these cities is rising with each passing day. This causes the essential resources like water, electricity and transport to be stretched to the limits. To add to these problems there is the omnipresent threat of weather conditions. That is why one of the buzzwords that are on the lips of most water conservationists is rainwater harvesting.

The problems with water that Indian cities are facing are not just limited to the ones which are in the arid Deccan region or the dry desert areas of Western India. Even a coastal city like Chennai has gained notoriety for its water problems. In fact, Chennai is a city where the citizens took control over their own destiny regarding water and began rainwater harvesting. This social movement spread rapidly and today many places in the city have rain water catchment facilities installed in their areas. The lessons learnt from this movement is that citizens can simply not afford to have a laid back attitude and wait for the agencies to provide essential services.

What parents need to know before hiring tutors for their children?

In this 24×7 busy life, it is really tough to save time for helping your child in his or her studies. Good parenting involves all the crucial measures that are beneficial in the betterment of your child. Working parents face this problem very frequently. The best solution for such a problem is to hire a private tutor. This shall end up concerns regarding the academics of your child and make him or her focus in a better way. Online tuitions have become the talk of the town. Selecting the one which is most apt and suitable for your child is sometimes very daunting.

If you are a bothered parent and are concerned about hiring the best online tutor for your child, here are some of the points that you must consider absolutely before making up your mind.

Search online

Make an online research to find out the tuition service that has got goodwill and name in the e-tuition sector. Tutoring classes or an individual tutor needs to be of the type that aids in keeping your child stay motivated and ascertain learning throughout the teaching. The other important factor that needs to be considered is that the tuition services have to be of a flexible nature and various methods of teaching need to be employed.

Qualities to expect from the tutor

It is reasonable to expect from the teacher you select for tutoring your children, to be well experienced, goal oriented and firm. Above all, his or her knowledge regarding the subject being tutored needs to be vast and not limited. It is very much important that the person you are hiring as a tutor is understanding and patient while teaching lessons to your child as there is good possibility that the child might take some time to adapt and tend to refrain himself/herself from being taught.


Then, you may take the help of your sundries and relatives in finding out a tutor that can understand the needs of your child in his or her academics. Besides, you may also indulge in taking the online service for tuitions if you are not feeling to adopt the traditional method of tutoring. Online tuitions are in vogue these days and are achieving an immense amount of success. The medium of interaction for such kind of online tuitions is through computers. Online tuitions serve as a very good learning process for the child as he /she gets to interact with a pool of students belonging to similar age and the chances of getting bored are drastically reduced.