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Concept Maps


A concept is a basic idea or notion. Concept development is a very important part of pedagogy as they help students to develop cognitive processes such as categorization, memory, decision making, learning, and inference. Many students may get overwhelmed with the vast school syllabus. The right approach is to follow the conceptual approach. Many different topics within the same subject or even different subjects can come under the umbrella of a single concept, hence topics may be numerous but concepts are few. Use of concept development maps can be used to understand inter concept linkages and their contribution to a range of fields, by navigating on the maps students can move to higher and complex concepts which have roots in simpler concepts.

How research consultants help you

Success in PhD demands distinctive amalgamation of intelligence, observation, innovation and excellence. Any student that shows the courage to pursue PhD will undoubtedly be possessing intellectuality. Just passing a test in PhD does not qualify you as one. Your foundation must be strong in the subject that you are specializing in; that is why the consultants are there to offer exclusive guidance with the sole aim of slashing your stress by a certain degree and empowering you to submit your thesis within the definite time limit. They deliver error free, grammatically correct, original content for reports. They also give guidance on certain topics to students who have the passion of exploring the depth of PhD. PhD guidance and consultation help those who intend to help themselves. Some aspects that you have to assess while choosing a consultant are:

  • Years of experience that the consultant possesses
  • Level of expertise in the subject matter
  • Ability to help in an interactive manner
  • Availability at all times for advice
  • Association with colleges or academic background

It is mandatory to exercise your choice on the best and most suitable mentors. A good, patient and knowledgeable mentor will deliver a good and knowledgeable teaching and guidance to students. The mentor’s expertise, personality, and intelligence play a significant role in building up a student’s career in PhD.